Why Responsive Design is not enough

April 07, 2014
Responsive Design

Great concept

Responsive design is a great way to add mobile functionality to any website in a fast and relatively simple manner. And indeed, more and more web designers are using this concept to create new Web apps for their clients.

Take the extra mile

In spite of the advantages of using responsive design (centralized content management, less maintenance, easy setup), we still recommend taking the extra mile and thinking about the use cases for the mobile users. For example, think about a person in a shopping mall who knows that she wants to visit a specific shop but doesn’t know the exact location. If she’s tech savvy, she will probably visit the shop’s website on her smartphone to look up the geographic position of the shop. Now imagine how much easier her life would become if the mobile website would immediately display the geographic location of the shop at first sight.

Another example: When visiting the mobile website of a shop people are often just looking for the phone number. When you build your website using responsive design, there’s a high chance your phone number is not located at the very top of the desktop version – and therefore neither in the mobile version.

For both examples, there are solutions that can be implemented quickly and with little effort in order to establish an enhanced mobile user experience. In summary: even when leveraging responsive design to mobilize a website, we highly recommend taking into consideration the mobile use cases when designing and implementing the mobile site.


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