VIENNA DIGITAL expands to Bosnia & Herzegovina

February 11, 2015
Benjamin Ruschin

Finally! After two years of planning we have opened up our first international subsidiary in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

When we launched VIENNA DIGITAL in mid-2013 we already knew that we would focus our goals on internationalizing our business to unsaturated geographical regions with ample business opportunities. We embarked on numerous trips to the Balkans, including Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina – and decided to focus on the latter. What immediately struck our attention was the excess supply of highly educated and qualified young talents, most importantly in the IT & digital sector. We visited tech centers in Sarajevo, met up with a bunch of IT developers, advertising agencies, outsourcing companies and technology hubs (see picture below) and decided that this thriving and unsaturated market offers too many business opportunities to ignore.

With our subsidiary we are focusing on several goals:

  • we want to further strengthen our digital competencies with our local team of highly talented developers
  • we want to provide our international customers (Germany, Austria, Switz.) with the highest possible quality of digital services
  • we want to explore the business opportunities of the Balkans in order to launch new initiatives at a fast pace in the upcoming years

Our goal is not to provide “cheap outsourcing services”, as many other players already do. We want to focus on top-notch quality services and differentiate ourselves by combining these with excellent local strategic consulting services in the German-speaking region. After working with a team of digital professionals, which we have now employed, we can confirm that the combination of speed and quality of digital services we are providing from Bosnia & Herzegovina cannot be matched by Austrian counterparts.

We will keep you updated on our progress in the Balkans – in the meantime, you can read up on our endeavors in the media:

Tech Hub Sarajevo





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